Julie Cumming

Passionate about property?

I am, particularly when it comes to understanding what dynamics are at play when you are looking to buy or sell property.

Avoid the herd mentality and set yourself up for personal empowerment and success in making sound property related choices.

SO much has changed over recent years, therefore to succeed going forward, a new approach is required.

Utilising experts will give you the winning edge.

Julie Cumming – Director

If you are looking to buy or sell property you have come to right place, As a qualified property investment advisor with many years experiences, Julie will support you to attain sound knowledge and a foundation to successfully:

  • Buy your own home
  • Buy an investment property
  • Or sell your property

Real Estate is often the most expensive item you may ever buy.

Many people lack the basic knowledge on how to achieve this safely and successfully.

By having an experienced professional with over 15 years experience work with you through the process, you will gain the winning edge and priceless peace of mind.

You will become better informed and learn how to make wise and strategic choices.

Don’t start on the back foot. There is no substitute for qualified, independent advice.

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Having Hatch Property working alongside me and assisting with so many aspects has allowed me to proceed feeling secure and supported. We hit many road blocks, and having Julie constantly negotiate favourable outcomes for me has been invaluable.

R. Bateup, Melbourne

When I get to the stage of picking up a second investment property, I’ll definitely be reaching out to you for your expertise and help. It’s been invaluable.

Andrew, Melbourne

What I love about working with you is that you listened to me and, over a period of a few weeks, you were able to achieve a miracle and direct us to a quality property.

Maryanne, Melbourne 2016

If you are ready to move forward now or are unsure of your next steps… either way, take action and find out more.

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