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Our purpose is to ensure that your property investment journey is a positive and successful one.

Hatch Property brings to you our expertise, education & many years of broad real-estate experience.

This enables you to make better informed, educated choices, leading to greater fulfilment of your dreams.

We educate you, so you grow in confidence to make empowering, strategic decisions.

Property investing can be a roller coaster and the industry is geared to keep you confused. 

Avoid costly mistakes. 
Partner for success and get it right every time.

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Our clients are just like you: they’re smart, they know that real estate assists with building and creating wealth.

They want a portfolio that will deliver sound, sustainable returns.

And, like you, they may not know where to start. They’re not experts in property investment.

They often don’t know how to build real estate into their long-term investment strategy, and they can lack either the time, knowledge or expertise to make smart acquisitions.

We provide a holistic solution to property investment. And it starts with you articulating your goals, so we can begin tailoring an investment strategy to your unique circumstances.

We then seek to secure a property that matches your individual investor profile.

It is important to understand, significant change has occurred over recent years in the Australian property market. This has been heightened by changes to the finance industry influenced by APRA, Australia’s financial regulator. Borrowing is much tougher than it was a few years ago. Often in the past, a portfolio with several properties was the aim for many investors. Lending restrictions have tightened so much this is no longer a possibility for many.

Therefore, discernment about what, where and when to buy is even more critical than ever. It is essential to buy well, so surround yourself with an expert team.

Experienced Property Experts

We’re an independent investment advocate with over 15 years managing the purchase of hundreds of properties for Australian and foreign investors.

We know the intricate nuances of the market – the cycles, forces, pressure points and pitfalls – and we are experts at finding the gems in the market.

Identify the Gems that Truly Perform

And that’s the advantage of partnering with an independent advocate. We will guide you through the entire process. This begins with clarifying your current situation, your plan and the outcome you seek.

We can refer you if required, to the many essential independent professionals necessary to assure success across the legal, accounting, building, compliance and property management fields.

We LOVE assisting our clients and building their confidence and wealth in the process.

What Clients Are Saying

  • "Having Hatch Property working alongside me and assisting with so many aspects has allowed me to proceed feeling secure and supported. We hit many road blocks, and having Julie constantly negotiate favourable outcomes for me has been invaluable."
    R. Bateup Melbourne
  • "When I get to the stage of picking up a second investment property, I'll definitely be reaching out to you for your expertise and help. It's been invaluable."
    Andrew, Melbourne
  • "What I love about working with you is that you listened to me and, over a period of a few weeks, you were able to achieve a miracle and direct us to a quality property."
    Maryanne, Melbourne 2016.

Whether you are still unsure or are confident about  property investing as a strategy ...

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