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Hatch Property - Investment Property

Buying for investment

Property is a large purchase, so it’s really important to buy in an educated and informed way. Ensure the property is fit for your purpose and timing.

Understanding the best entity to hold the property in, the best finance structure and what legal advice you require can be confusing and result in expensive mistakes if you get this wrong. Setting up the correct foundations is critical.

Throughout the process, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights that support you and keep you safe well into your future.
Most investors make mistakes simply because they don’t have sufficient knowledge to make the best-informed buying decisions.

Foreign Investors

Are you looking to buy for investment, accommodate students who may be studying in Australia, or to buy in advance of moving here, you have come to the right place?

Whatever the reason, to ensure you get the best outcome for your specific requirements, you need qualified, independent advice.

I can assist by supporting you with all you need to know and do to secure a quality property, in the right location that will give you the desired outcome you seek. I have saved clients from losing thousands of dollars over the years when they were close to making poor buying decisions.

I can also connect you with trusted legal, accounting and finance professionals
who will have your best interest at heart.

Hatch Property - Foreign Investors
Hatch Property - Purchasing Property

Purchasing your home

Are you considering engaging a Buyers’ Agent, yet concerned at the fees?

The biggest purchase most of us ever make is a home. Expert advice and strategy will give you confidence and a better chance of success.
Any property purchase is best considered an investment, even when you buy your own home.

As a qualified property investment advisor, I will assist you through this process, educating you and providing the inside knowledge so you get the best outcome.

What I offer you will enable you to ask the right questions, know what to look for beneath the surface and are set up in the right structures.

Selling property

Without planning, you risk not maximising your financial outcome and often paying more tax if it is an investment property.
Are you confident in knowing:

  • which agent to use?
  • how to negotiate when engaging an agent?
  • which method of sale is most appropriate for your property?
  • how much you can really expect to get given current market conditions?

How would be it feel to have someone on your side, coaching and guiding you strategically through the process?

Put yourself in a superior position and let’s see how I might assist you to get the best possible results.

Hatch Property - Selling Property


Our founder and director Julie Cumming, has 20 years experience across many areas in both commercial and residential real estate.

Julie has honed her business skills across several fields with a long history of entrepreneurial experience. She has long-established herself as a person who can effectively bring people and opportunities together, both locally and internationally. Everyone who works with Julie agrees that she has a knack for exceeding client expectations.

Brisbane based, Julie is a Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA) accredited by The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and also Certified by The Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA). Julie served on the board of the Real Estate Institute, Australian Capital Territory (REIACT).

Julie has been working in Real Estate in many different areas including as a Shopping Center Manager, Commercial Property Manager, Vendor Agent and as a Buyers’ Agent. Additionally Julie works with international connections in areas of renewable energy, finance, sustainability, construction and infrastructure.

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