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3 simple tips to pay down your mortgage faster

Interest only loans, for both investors and homeowners has been a successful strategy for many. However, this is now much harder to implement. Banks are charging more for interest only loans and reducing the number of interest only loans available. Many banks are requiring “full income verification” for interest only loan applications, regardless if they […]

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Getting started can be daunting. I recently met with a client who was totally confused about where to start with investing in property, and her experience was typical of many I speak with. She found it tough, particularly with so much commentary and noise in the media. As you know, some of it is useful, […]

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Do lease back properties make good investments?

Have you considered buying a display home? Achieving both yield and capital growth is the holy grail of investing. For some, a display home is the answer. For those who are not familiar with this type of investment option, let me explain. Most property investors will have looked through a display home at some stage. […]

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How to PROFIT and avoid problems, when investing in property.

Everyone who invests in property is looking for profits. Why else would they do it? However, the challenge faced, is that none of the essential ingredients are “fixed”. This can lead to significant problems.   The essential ingredients when buying an investment property, ideally combine to deliver one that meets your budget, and contains the […]

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The Gold Coast- is Now it's time to shine??

Affordable housing, jobs and lifestyle. While the Gold Coast has been known as a relatively volatile "boom and bust" market in the past, it appears that .. the times they are a changin. More affordable houses and job opportunities are the biggest drivers of the latest population surge.  Queensland is on track to top 5 […]

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Capital growth or yield? Can I have both?

Whilst it is possible to have both strong capital growth and a high rental yield, it's rare. How do you decide what is best for you? Why not try to get both if you can? Would you like to know how to buy an investment with a guaranteed 6.5% yield, in a strong capital growth area? […]

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Real estate jackpot or joker? Discover the secret to picking an investment winner.

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