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What to look for at open for inspections

Knowing what to look out for at property inspections can put you ahead of the competition and ensure you purchase an investment that will appeal to both renters and future buyers.

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How to benefit from recent boom untapped equity.

Have you just lived through a massive growth in the equity of your home or investment property? Melbourne and Sydney markets have been particularly strong over the last five years, delivering a windfall to property owners. Many owners now find they have significant equity yet are unsure of how to capitalise on the benefit. The […]

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Brisbane Fast Emerging Out of Southern Shadow

Significant social and economic change will propel Brisbane into Australia’s metropolitan major league with Sydney and Melbourne over the next decade, according to a report from Australian demographer Bernard Salt. Imagining Brisbane in 2027 predicts the River City will experience a ‘transformative catch-up phase’ and join Sydney and Melbourne as one of Australia’s 21st Century business […]

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Is it a good time to invest when markets are overheated?

Have you wondered, with so much in the media currently about record and increasing prices, low yields, worsening affordability, is it still worth buying an investment property? My advice is "Do not buy an investment property. Rather, buy a property that makes a good investment and they are very different." Currently both Sydney and Melbourne […]

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Should I buy an apartment?

I have never been a fan of apartments as a successful investment vehicle to recommend to my clients. They generally lack scarcity features to make them a sound investment. They are a bit like a large bunch of bananas where one looks no different to another. However, times are changing and more and more Australians […]

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Mistakes to avoid for first home buyers

How to avoid many common mistakes first home buyers make? Buying your first home can be both an exciting and daunting experience as you step into uncharted waters. be clear on how much you can afford to spend which will be limited by your available deposit and capacity to borrow. Understand additional charges relevant to […]

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Real estate jackpot or joker? Discover the secret to picking an investment winner.

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