Property Investor Advocacy

Our process is focussed. Strategic, educational and effective.

To begin, we spend time to establish and clarify your intent, understanding any preferences you have and your concerns.

We explain to you how property cycles work. We illustrate how many different factors, both current and future, may impact the markets, and how different markets present different opportunities. We show you how interest rate changes, vacancy rates, yields and growth rates will impact your cash flow and overall outcome.

We provide a Boutique service, so we strive to understand:

  • Who you are, where you are at and where you want to go.
  • We consider your current & future personal circumstances and how these might impact a property purchase.
  • We listen to your needs and concerns and work to address them.
  • We encourage you to speak with a relevant team of advisors to ensure the correct structures are in place. These include the buying entity and finance structure. If you do not have access to trusted experienced professionals, we can refer you.
  • We keep it simple yet powerful. A sound foundation is essential to build upon- we take no shortcuts.
    Once we have established your foundations and goals, we look at which specific property is best able to deliver to you. The foundation setting is essential before the property search begins.
  • We will work to understand if an existing or a new property is best for you.
  • We then search the markets for options for you to consider. This is appropriate only once we have a clarity and understanding of your specific circumstances and goals. We then present the options to you and explain why we believe they meet your criteria and desired outcome.
  • Once a decision is made, we work with you and manage the purchase process. We liaise with your finance & legal team, property inspectors etc to ensure as smooth a transaction as possible.
  • We arrange a property management service if required.

Hatch Property provides a quality end to end service.

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