Are you a non-resident property investor looking to buy in Australia?

If you’ve landed on this page I believe I have some information that may be helpful to you so please take a moment to watch the video below, I’ve kept it brief.

Are you looking to invest in Australian Property?
Are you looking for residential, commercial or Agricultural options?
I can assist you with all of these.

Are you looking to buy for investment, accommodate students who may studying in Australia, or to buy in advance of moving here, you have come to right place.
Whatever the reason, to ensure you get the best outcome for your specific requirements, you need qualified, independent advice.

There are many rules and requirements you need to be aware of when investing in Australian propertyand the rules regarding finance and government regulations often change.

The markets of course are cyclic and continue to experience change which can also create challengers. The media is generally not a reliable resource.

Dont be taken advantage of due to distance and lack of local knowledge in Australian markets.

Often investors make poor and uninformed choices regarding the property and structural set up which can significantly impact their overall success.

Get qualified, independent advice so this doesn’t happen to you.

I can assist by supporting you with all you need to know and do to secure a quality property, in the right location that will give you the desired outcome you seek. I have saved clients from losing thousands of dollars over the years when they were close to making poor buying decisions.

I can assist and connect you with trusted legal, accounting and finance professionals
who will also have your best interest at heart.🙌

Having someone to manage all this on your behalf and ensure your needs are met,
will bring a better outcome and peace of mind.

So let’s chat now and ensure a safe passage in an often-stressful process!

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