Vendor Advocacy

Selling can be a challenging process for those who simply don’t know, understand or trust the process. It can also be challenging if you are unavailable due to other commitments, are absent, or just too busy to focus on what is required.

Our service is basically to manage this process on your behalf, as an intermediary, and allow you to feel confident, knowing an expert has your back.



  • Selection of the agent: understanding how they will compete for your business, what questions to ask them, how to compare the different responses and how to finally choose the best agent for you and the best sales method for your property in the current market.
  • Someone to liaise throughout the process with all stakeholder to ensure the process is on track. We become the point of contact between the agent, lawyers, property managers, building inspectors, trades people etc. This enables you to stay fully informed yet continue your life supported through a potentially tricky process.
  • If you are looking to sell your own home or an investment property, anywhere in Australia, we can help.Click here to schedule a chat to find out how.

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