Our Purpose

Hatch Property provides new and experienced property investors, the leverage they need to buy wisely and well.

Much has changed in the Australian property market over recent years. If you lack the knowledge or time to proceed with confidence- we can help.

Experience gained over many years assisting clients, has revealed many investors lack the foundational knowledge necessary to assist them avoid the traps. Markets and conditions are changing constantly and rapidly. It requires time, experience and expertise to proceed safely.

This is where Hatch Property leverages your ability to succeed.

Knowledge, coupled with sound experienced, is the key to success.

Once you have a handle on some basic principles, and understand how many variables interplay, you become empowered to make better informed buying decisions.

At Hatch Property we care about outcomes. Your outcomes. This works for both of us.

Being a boutique firm, we grow from referrals given by our satisfied clients. Therefore, your wins are our wins.

Our Property service is boutique and tailored for individuals. It’s all about you and your outcome. There is no “cookie cutter” approach.

We ensure you save time, money and stress and assist you to avoid the many pitfalls that can be part of buying & owning an investment property today.

We are fiercely independent, which means we are working for YOU and you alone. You can be confident our advice is always in your best interests.

Our fees are reasonable and flexible- depending on what your specific requirements are. Wish to know more?- contact us here

When you partner with Hatch Property, you benefit from our network of independent professionals who are on hand if required, to make your investment journey as seamless as possible. They include:

  • Hatch Property Founder and Director Julie Cumming;
  • Finance, legal and accounting professionals;
  • Building and compliance inspectors;
  • Property managers;
  • Quantity Surveyors;

You will become a confident, informed investor with our team of experts behind you, managing your journey and helping you make game-changing decisions.

This is what allows our clients to return and continue building their portfolios.

We are here for the long haul. Reviewing your situation over time is essential. As personal and external circumstances change, adjustments are sometimes required. We are here to work with you to review and advise.

Borrowing money is much tougher than ever before. Strategic planning with expert assistance is essential. While we do not source finance, we work closely with your finance provider or refer you to someone who will provide the best financial advice and strategy for your circumstances.

Property is best considered a longer term investment and change is inevitable.

Success will be determined by how you set your foundations and adjust the sails over time.

Dream big! With our support and expertise, you will grow in your ability to make smarter choices- expanding your wealth and setting you up for life.